Click on the link opposite for the trade-in form.

The new format trade-in form has moved from being outlook form driven to a web form, this allows it to be used from any workstation without the need for configuration. The output to email is in plain text format making the email smaller and easier to read on any device. The only real change in design is the inclusion of contact name and telephone number to replace the reply buttons so be sure to pick your name from the contact me drop down box.

Anyone wishing to be added to the contact list should send an email to with their contact name and telephone numbers in the subject field.

DMS Maintenance


Click on the link to take you to the Pinnacle Maintenance Page

DMS Maintenance


Silent Salesman


Click on the drop down menu below and choose your site, your silent salesman flyer will open in another window. Click on the disk icon (save a copy) to save locally for future use.


John IT on Holiday or ill


If you need emergency help with IT Equipment and John in IT is away, please click here for contact details


Mazda Franchise Dealer Sites


Click on the drop down box below to access various Mazda websites.



Echo host

Acrobat Reader


Click on the link below to install Acrobat Reader Version 9


Acrobat Reader 9.3



Internet Explorer Settings


Click on this box to install the Internet Explorer settings file. This will setup IE correctly for Pinnacle after you have reset IE settings to the defaults.


Business Fonts and .NET Download


Click on this box to display downloadable fonts and the new .NET Framework 4 install file.




Mazda Echo requires an older version of Java. Click the link and install.


Download Java